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List: Top 20 Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturers(Updated 2024)

Unveiling the updated list of Top 20 Twin Screw Extruder Manufacturers for 2024! This comprehensive guide includes industry giants known for their cutting-edge technology, superior quality, and innovative strides in twin screw extruder manufacturing. Whether you’re an industry professional or a casual observer, this list will provide you with a deep understanding of the key players defining the future of twin screw extrusion globally. Stay tuned to discover the top manufacturers leading the pack in 2024.

Table of Contents


Nanjing Jieya - China

Jieya is a professional twin screw extruder machine manufacturer. Founded in 2004, the company is located in China. It has been consistently focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of various models of co-rotating twin screw extruders and highly efficient single screw extruders.

The company’s main products include SHJ and HT Series Twin Screw Extruders, Twin Rotor Processors, JY Two-stage Extruders, Underwater Pelletizing Systems, and Laboratory Extruders. These products cater to various industries, including Color Masterbatch, Filler Masterbatch, Biodegradable Plastic, and Recycled Plastic.

Nanjing Jieya’s strengths lie in its experienced international team, advanced CNC machining center, and large assembly platform, ensuring high-quality products and efficient customer service.

Source: Nanjing Jieya Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd


Coperion - Germany

Founded in 2001, Coperion is a leading Twin Screw Extruder manufacturer based in Germany. The company specializes in the production of Twin Screw Extruders, Compounding Machines, Process Equipment, Plants & Systems and offers comprehensive services.

Coperion caters to various industries including plastics, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, minerals, and nonwovens. The company’s strength lies in its ability to provide customized solutions, high-quality process technologies, and exceptional customer support. With its broad product range and industry expertise, Coperion stands as a global leader in industrial and technological solutions.

Reference source:



Leistritz - Germany

Leistritz is a globally renowned, family-owned company, based in Germany, specializing in high-tech solutions for turbine, pump, extrusion, and production technology. The exact date of foundation is not provided.

The company’s main products encompass a wide range of technologies, including Leistritz Turbine Technology, Pump Technology, Extrusion Technology, High Precision Tools, and Machine Tools. Their Extrusion Technology division is notable for its innovative prowess in twin screw extrusion.

Leistritz’s strengths lie in its commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability. With 1,700 colleagues serving markets from 13 locations worldwide, Leistritz prides itself on its diverse team of specialists, united by a shared dedication to engineering excellence and technological advancements.

Source: Leistritz


Milacron - USA

Milacron, based in the USA, is a leading manufacturer of plastic processing machinery and technologies. While the exact date of foundation isn’t provided, the company marked its entrance into the plastics industry in 1968.

The company’s primary products span Injection Molding Machines (C-Series, eQ-Series, L-Series, M-Series, Q-Series, Roboshot), Extrusion Machines (Die Heads, Single Screw, Twin Screw), Auxiliary Equipment (Conveyors, Heat Transfer Solutions, Material Handling, Quick Mold Changes, Reclamation, Robotic Automation Solutions), and Services (Parts, Rebuilds & Retrofits, Remote Service/M-Powered).

The strengths of Milacron include its commitment to innovation, high-quality machinery, and customer-centric approaches. With a global presence and experienced team, Milacron offers custom solutions tailored to specific manufacturing processes.

Source: Milacron


KraussMaffei - Germany

KraussMaffei, founded in 1838, is a globally renowned manufacturer of machinery for producing and processing plastics and rubber based in Munich, Germany.

The company’s main products and competencies include technologies in injection molding, extrusion, reaction process machinery, and additive manufacturing. They provide both standardized and individual product, process, digital, and service solutions catering to various industries such as automotive, packaging, medical, recycling, construction, and electronics.

KraussMaffei’s strengths lie in its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centric solutions. With nearly two centuries of experience and a strong global presence, KraussMaffei has established itself as a leader in the field, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Source: KraussMaffei


JSW - Japan

JSW – Japan Steel Works, Ltd., founded in 1907, is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality machinery and technologies based in Japan.

The company’s main products encompass a diverse range of businesses, including Twin Screw Extruder, Plastics Machinery, Molding Machine, Industrial Machinery, Ordnance, Material, and Engineering Products, along with New Business Promotion Headquarters.

JSW’s strengths lie in its commitment to sustainability management, environmental management, cleantech solutions, response to climate change, talent development strategy, respect for human rights, health and safety, supply chain management, quality products, and social contribution activities.

With over a century of experience, JSW has established itself as a leader in the field, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Source: JSW – Japan Steel Works, Ltd.


Steer - India

Steer, founded in 1993, is a prominent manufacturer of Twin Screw Extruders based in Bangalore, India.

The company’s main products include Twin Screw Extruders, Replacement Parts for STEER & Other Global OEM brands, Extruder Peripherals, and Services.

Their primary competencies lie in the design, creation, and implementation of advanced materials platform technology in the fields of plastics, pharmaceuticals, food & nutraceuticals, biomaterials, and biorefining.

Steer’s strengths encompass innovation, advanced platform technologies, global presence with offices in 5 locations, a talented workforce of over 500 engineers, scientists, and technicians, and a commitment to drive the world towards a simpler, better, and more evolved tomorrow.

Source: Steer – India


Shibaura Machine - Japan

Shibaura Machine, founded in 1938, is a leading manufacturer of machinery and electric equipment, based in Japan.

The company’s main products include Injection Molding Machines, Die Casting Machines, Extrusion Machines, Nano Processing Systems, Machine Tools, Board Type PLC (TCmini), Servo Motors, Industrial Robots, Build-to-order Production, IoT+m, Engineering Solutions, and Additive Manufacturing Systems.

Shibaura Machine’s strengths lie in their commitment to provide optimal solutions for the production lines of global companies. They are dedicated to supporting society by providing superior technology, products, and services, while respecting the global environment and making a continuous contribution to society.

Source: Shibaura Machine


Battenfeld-Cincinnati - Austria

Battenfeld-Cincinnati, established in the 1940s, is an internationally renowned manufacturer of customized extrusion lines for various industries, based in Austria.

The company’s main products include Extruders, Tooling, Downstream & Systems, and Controls and automation. They specialize exclusively in extrusion, offering services to a wide range of industries, from construction to water management.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati’s strengths are its focus on ensuring maximum output, cost efficiency, energy efficiency, and sustainability. The company prides itself on being a technology leader in the extrusion industry, consistently investing in research and development for more efficient processes and environmental protection.

Source: Battenfeld-Cincinnati



CPM, established in 1883, is a leading manufacturer of process equipment and automation systems, based in the USA.

The company’s main products include Pellet Mills, Extruder-Compounding Process Control, Hammermills, Roll Crushers, Flaking Mills, Crumblers, Coolers, Screw Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, and more. They cater to industries such as animal feed, oilseed processing, ethanol, biomass, and sugar beet among others.

CPM’s strengths lie in their commitment to deliver reliable, high-quality products that are engineered for high performance. They pride themselves on their global presence, comprehensive customer support, and innovative engineering capabilities, ensuring that they meet the needs of their customers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Source: CPM


Arlington Machinery - USA

Arlington Machinery, established in 1987, is a prominent used plastics machinery company based in the USA.

The company’s main products encompass a wide range of machinery, including Blow Molding, Extrusion, Injection Molding, Metalworking, Size Reduction, Support Equipment, Thermoforming, and Shredders. They specialize in the purchase and sale of these used plastic machinery.

Arlington Machinery’s strengths lie in their vast experience and expertise in the plastics industry. They offer a comprehensive range of services from buying and selling equipment to providing appraisal services. They take pride in their in-house repair and refurbishing capabilities for plastics machinery, setting them apart from merely being brokers. They also have an expansive warehouse for storing the equipment they purchase until it is sold.

Source: Arlington Machinery


Kobe Steel USA - USA

Kobe Steel USA, a subsidiary of Kobe Steel, Ltd., which was established in 1905, is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of steel, aluminum, and copper products based in the USA.

The company’s main products include Iron & Steel, Welding, Aluminum & Copper, Machinery (which includes Twin Screw Extruders), Engineering, and Electric Power. They provide solutions for a wide range of industries including automotive, construction, energy, electronics, and more.

Kobe Steel USA’s strengths are their commitment to technological innovation, high-quality products, and customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on their comprehensive research and development capabilities, allowing them to consistently innovate and improve their product offerings. Their focus on sustainable practices also sets them apart in the industry.

Source: Kobe Steel USA


Xtrutech Inc. - UK

Xtrutech Inc. – UK, founded in 2002, is a specialist Twin Screw Extruder manufacturer based in the United Kingdom.

The company’s main competencies include the manufacture of XTS Twin-Screw Extruders, cooling systems, feeders, and ancillary equipment. They are a leading independent supplier of spare parts and services for Twin Screw Extrusion and provide OEM spares for most other extruder manufacturers.

Xtrutech’s strengths lie in their vast experience in creating extruders for various industries including Powder Coatings, Thermoplastics, Biopolymers, Medical Plastics, Chemicals, Food, and Pharmaceuticals. They offer extensive engineering services such as process optimization, machine inspections, wear measurement, etc. Their global presence and customer-focused approach set them apart in the industry.

Source: Xtrutech Inc. – UK


Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd. - Taiwan

Well Shyang Machinery Co., Ltd. – Taiwan, established in 1990, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic equipment and plastic bags, including blown film machines, flexographic printing machines, bag making machines, and recycling machines.

The company’s main products are blow film extrusion machines (both mono-layer and three-layer), stretch film rewinding machines, and a unique stretch-blown film machine. They also offer Slitting Stretch Film Rewinding Machines and Coreless Stretch Film Rewinding Machines.

Well Shyang’s strengths are based on over two decades of experience, a strong R&D team leading to several patents, and their ability to produce machinery characterized by technological advances, economy, and reliability. Their insistence on simple design and perfect performance has led them to achieve CE European safety standards.

Sources: Well Shyang Machinery


The Bonnot Company - USA

The Bonnot Company – USA, founded in 1891, is a historic manufacturer of extrusion equipment, machines, and replacement parts based in the USA.

The company’s main products are various types of Extruders like Cold Former Extruders, Custom Extruders, and Dewatering Extruders, among others. They also provide Accessories like Controls, Cutters, Extrusion Dies, and Services including Custom Engineering, Feasibility Testing, Equipment Leasing, Service + Rebuild, and Replacement Parts.

The Bonnot Company’s strengths lie in its rich history and heritage, with a proven track record of pivoting to serve new, growing markets. They have expanded their product line over the years to serve diverse industries such as specialty minerals, chemical catalyst, food, butyl and mastic rubbers, adhesives, and pet food. Their philosophy of developing creative solutions to serve existing and emerging markets with customized, robustly designed machinery has contributed to their enduring success.

Source: The Bonnot Company


B&P Littleford - USA

B&P Littleford – USA, based in Saginaw, Michigan, is a manufacturer of mixing, drying, compounding, reacting, extracting, and centrifugal separation equipment. The company has been at its current address for over a century, and it adopted the name B&P Littleford in 2017.

The company’s main products include a variety of Twin Screw Extruders, Continuous and Batch Processing Mixers, and various types of Centrifuges. They also offer a range of Parts & Services including Spare Parts, Field Service, Preventive Maintenance, and Remote Field Service.

B&P Littleford’s strengths lie in their extensive industry experience and their commitment to producing high-quality equipment. Their team comprises veterans of the industries they serve, and their expertise is reflected in the design and performance of their machinery.

Source: B&P Littleford



ENTEK – USA, founded nearly 40 years ago, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Twin Screw Extruders based in the United States.

The company’s main products include Twin Screw Extruders, Replacement Wear Parts, and Extrusion Systems. They also offer in-house engineering services, with resources for engineering, machining, and fabrication.

ENTEK’s strengths lie in their extensive experience in the industry, underscored by their passion for making things and a drive for continuous improvement. Their commitment to manufacturing excellence and customer success sets them apart in the industry.

Source: ENTEK


Surplus Record Machinery - USA

Surplus Record Machinery & Equipment Directory – USA, established in 1924, is a premier online marketplace for buying and selling new and used machinery based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The company’s main products are not limited to but include Twin Screw Extruders along with a vast range of industrial machinery and equipment across several categories like electrical, power equipment, machine tools, and process equipment.

Surplus Record’s strengths rest in its extensive and comprehensive database of available machinery and equipment. With more than 90 years of experience, the company has created a trusted platform that brings together buyers and sellers from various industries, offering a wide variety of equipment, including hard-to-find items.

Source: Surplus Record


ICMA San Giorgio SpA - Italy

ICMA San Giorgio SpA – Italy, with roots dating back to 1907, is a pioneer in the development and production of Twin Screw Extruders, based in San Giorgio su Legnano, Italy.

ICMA’s strengths lie in their innovative approach to technology. The company is known for its patented system for the Extrusion/Compounding of a multi-layer sheet and has developed advanced mathematical models to simulate the extrusion process of co-rotating extruders. They also offer several services like spare parts, technical assistance, revamping, training, and more.

Source: ICMA San Giorgio SpA


Labtech Engineering - Thailand

Labtech Engineering – Thailand, established in 1983, is a world-leading manufacturer of laboratory and pilot plant polymer processing machines. It’s located in Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Thailand.

Labtech’s strengths lie in its extensive experience, high-quality standards, and commitment to innovation. With Swedish management and a skilled Thai staff, Labtech combines the best of both worlds. The company prides itself on providing machines of the highest European quality standards at favorable prices and ensures full customer satisfaction. As of 2024, it has supplied over 8,200 machines globally.

Source: Labtech Engineering

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