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Pellet Extruder

Find the Best Pellet Extruder Supplier from China

Looking for a reliable pellet extruder supplier? Jieya is your answer! We specialize in high-quality machines for efficient pellet production. Trust us for exceptional quality and prompt service. Contact us today to find the perfect pellet extruder for your business. 

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    Introducing Pellet Extruder from Jieya

• The Pellet Extruder from Jieya is a revolutionary product for simplifying pellet production.
• It features a unique construction with a variable speed drive system and an electronic control panel for optimized results.
• The product is suitable for creating pellets for livestock feed or other industrial applications.
• Delivering consistent, quality results every time, the Pellet Extruder from Jieya provides reliable performance.

Pellet Extruder
Pellet Extruder

Pellet Extruder Produced by Jieya

Discover the high-quality Parallel Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruder produced by Jieya. Enhance your manufacturing process with this advanced technology.

Traditional customer-based model work
Traditional customer-based model work

SHJ series standard twin screw extruder

• The SHJ series of twin-screw extruders provides outstanding performance and reliability.

• It meets the highest domestic standards, with a torque rating grade of T/A³≤7.

• Its components are designed for demanding applications, ensuring long-lasting durability.

• This extruder delivers consistent and efficient results, making it a popular choice for industrial processes.

SHJ-xx series technical parameters

Higher operating system torque loads, pursuit of equipment efficiency, and improvement of the customer base.
Higher operating system torque loads, pursuit of equipment efficiency, and improvement of the customer base.

SHJ-xxMC series—high torque twin screw extruder

• The SHJ-xxMC series is a high torque twin screw extruder with a T/A³≤14 torque capacity grade.

• It has a homemade torque gearbox for optimal performance.

• The extruder is built with high-quality main parts, suitable for imported and other high-quality components.

SHJ-xxMC series technical parameters

Operation torque loading is high, the effectiveness pursuit of higher quality products and customers.
Operation torque loading is high, the effectiveness pursuit of higher quality products and customers.

SHJ-xxEC high effciency twin screw extruder

• SHJ-xxEC twin screw extruder offers high efficiency with torque carrying grade T/A³≤16 and renowned M/E high torque gear box.

• The extruder’s main components are of high-grade quality, crafted locally with a moderate use of imported parts.

• This combination ensures superior performance and reliability for various industrial applications.

SHJ-xxEC series technical parameters


Each row in this table represents a model, detailing its specific characteristics such as diameter (D), length-to-diameter ratio (L/D), main motor power (kW), screw speed (RPM), torque level (T/A3), and reference output (kg/hr). This data is vital for comprehending the performance and applicability of each model across diverse industrial contexts.

Pellet Extruder Price
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    Pellet Extruder Price

• Pellet extruders are essential machines used for producing pellets from a range of materials.
• The market price range for a standard pellet extruder ranges from $5000 to $150,000, depending on features and capabilities.
• Entry-level pellet extruders may cost anywhere from $5000 to $25,000.
• Commercial-grade pellet extruders typically range from $25,000 to $150,000 and come with more advanced features.
• It is important to evaluate business needs and requirements when deciding which type of machine best fits production requirements.

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    First-class R & D team

Jieya’s Research and Development Department is dedicated to aligning closely with market demand, placing great emphasis on the accumulation of practical experience and theoretical knowledge in order to strike the perfect balance. By prioritizing the needs of our end customers, we are committed to creating high-quality and innovative solution-oriented products, continuously enhancing their value.

First-class R & D team

Certificates Obtained

Nanjing Famous Brand Products Certificate
Nanjing Famous Brand Products Certificate
ISO Quality System Certificate
ISO Quality System Certificate
CE certificate
CE certificate
Occupational Health and Safety Management
Occupational Health and Safety Management
Latest Environmental Management System
Latest Environmental Management System
Certificate of High Enterprise
Certificate of High Enterprise

Mega after-sales service

Receive exceptional after-sales service from our renowned twin screw extruder factory. Our team of experts is committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction throughout the entire process. Count on us for unparalleled support and assistance with all your extrusion requirements. Choose us and experience the difference of unmatched service quality.

Before sale

◆ Offering detailed product and application information to help clients make informed decisions and maximize benefits.

◆ Devising cost-effective and practical equipment programs customized to meet clients’ unique needs and budgets.

◆ Providing thorough testing services to ensure product and application performance and reliability.

Mid-sales service

◆ Plan and design workshop equipment, proposing engineering specifications.

◆ Keep customers informed on project progress through effective communication.

◆ Engage in detailed discussions with customers about technological requirements, screw segment combinations, barrel permutations, and more.

After sale service

◆ Providing installation, testing, and on-site technician training

◆ Offering strong customer support

◆ Ensuring ample spare parts with prompt delivery

◆ Providing adjustment services for new products

◆ Implementing structured customer visits and timely feedback for efficient sharing of usage information

Why Jieya's Pellet Extruder?
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    Why Jieya's Pellet Extruder?

• Jieya’s Pellet Extruder is engineered with high-speed operational capabilities, an advanced temperature control system, and a high torque gearbox for efficient power transmission and precise heating/cooling.
• Unique features include energy efficiency, a user-friendly interface, and a compact design for easy installation and optimal use of floor space.
• Consistent quality output is achieved through the use of a volumetric dosing unit for accurate color mixing/distribution and superior quality screw and barrel made from wear-resistant materials.
• Cost-effective due to energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs plus enhanced productivity and reduced costs, which contribute significantly to business growth.

Related Product Recommendation

Pellet extrusion technology is a game-changer in 3D printing. It offers cost savings, a wider range of materials, faster printing speeds, and facilitates large-scale production. This article provides a complete guide on optimizing 3D printing with pellet extruders, comparing it to traditional methods and offering practical recommendations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Pellet Extruder, get onboard

Q: What is pellet extruder technology?

A: Pellet extruder technology is a 3D printing method that utilizes plastic pellets instead of traditional filament. It offers high flow rate and the ability to print large format 3D parts swiftly and effortlessly.

Q: How does the v4 pellet extruder work?

A: The v4 pellet extruder, such as the Pulsar™ by Dyze Design, functions by heating plastic pellets in heating zones and then extruding them through the nozzle to create the desired 3D prints. It boasts the highest output and is capable of printing large parts without compromising on speed and quality.

Q: What are the technical specifications of the pellet extruder?

A: The pellet extruder features multiple heating zones for efficient melting of pellets, a high flow rate for rapid printing, and is compatible with abrasive materials. It also allows for quick and easy installation and is designed to print with a wide range of materials per hour.

Q: What are the advantages of using a pellet extruder over filament-based extruders?

A: The use of pellet extruders offers several advantages such as higher output, speedy printing of large parts, the ability to work with abrasive materials, and the option to laminate parts for increased strength and durability.

Q: What type of materials can be used with a pellet extruder?

A: Pellet extruders are compatible with a wide range of materials, including engineering-grade plastics with varying hardness levels (shore hardness). They are also able to print with abrasive materials, expanding the range of applications for 3D printing.

Q: How does the Pellet Extruder technology optimize the 3D printing workflow?

A: The Pellet Extruder technology optimizes the 3D printing workflow by enabling the rapid printing of large parts, reducing the need for frequent material refills, and offering the ability to work with a diverse range of materials, all of which contribute to increased efficiency and productivity.

Q: Can the v4 pellet extruder be used with existing 3D printers?

A: Yes, the v4 pellet extruder can be integrated with existing 3D printers, making it a flexible and cost-effective upgrade for enhancing the printing capabilities of the current setup.

Q: What is the big selling point of using a pellet extruder?

A: The big selling point of using a pellet extruder is its ability to print large parts at a high speed, with compatibility for a wide range of materials, including abrasive ones. This makes it a valuable tool for engineers and manufacturers seeking to optimize their 3D printing processes.

Q: Where can I find more information about pellet extruder technology and its applications?

A: For more information about pellet extruder technology, its applications, and how it can enhance your 3D printing processes, feel free to contact us. Our team will be glad to provide detailed insights and guidance tailored to your specific needs and projects.

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