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Compounding Extruder

Top-Quality Compounding Extruder Supplier from China

Seeking a reliable compounding extruder supplier? Look no further than Jieya. As a leading manufacturer in China, we specialize in providing top-quality extruders for various industries. With advanced technology and strict quality control, trust that our products meet your specifications. Whether you need a standard model or customization, we have the expertise to deliver. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover why Jieya is the trusted choice for extruders.

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    Introducing Compounding Extruder from Jieya

• The Jieya Compounding Extruder is an advanced machine that is designed to deliver superior performance, combining energy efficiency, ease of use, high-quality output, and consistent reliability.
• Energy efficiency helps reduce operational costs and contributes to environmental sustainability.
• User-friendly controls and features make it simple to operate for novice users, minimizing the need for extensive training and operator errors.
• Output meets stringent industry standards with less waste and fewer reworks.
• Robustness and durability ensure continuous operation with minimal downtime.
• Investing in the Jieya Compounding Extruder can streamline operations, enhance product quality, reduce costs, and boost bottom line.

Compounding Extruder
Compounding Extruder

Compounding Extruder Produced by Jieya

We specialize in co-rotating twin screw compounding extruders, including lab twin screw extruders, single screw extruders, and downstream equipment with pelletizing systems. Our applications cover a wide range, including continuous compounding, reactive compounding, polymerization compounding, masterbatch, biodegradable plastic, and renewable recycling.

Twin Screw Plastic Compounding Lab Scale Extruder for Plastified Fluoroplastics Devolatilization
Twin Screw Plastic Compounding Lab Scale Extruder for Plastified Fluoroplastics Devolatilization

Twin Screw Plastic Compounding Lab Scale Extruder for Plastified Fluoroplastics Devolatilization

• Twin Screw Plastic Compounding Lab Scale Extruder specifically designed for plastified fluoroplastics devolatilization.
• Founded in 2004, it offers 17+ years of experience and is suitable for universities and scientific research laboratories.
• Beautiful appearance and compact structure with easy-to-use features and precise process condition control.
• Annual production capacity of 500 sets, CE & ISO 9001 certifications, 100% self-made parts.
• Competitive pricing with best customer service and fast delivery.
• 12-month quality assurance guarantee.

Twin Screw Plastic Compounding Lab Scale Extruder parameters

ModelScrew Diameter (mm)L/DScrew RPMMain motor KWTorque Grade T/N3Capacity kg/h

Twin Screw Compounding for Fluroplastic

Two-stage Extruder for PVC Compounding
Two-stage Extruder for PVC Compounding

Two-stage Extruder for PVC Compounding

• Nanjing Jieya offers a two-stage extruder for PVC compounding with over 50 machining equipment sets and a torque rating grade of T/A3≤8.
• The screws feature a closely intermeshed, block-type design to suit various materials.
• This two-stage compounding system is suitable for heat-sensitive materials and high powder filling operations, such as PVC, XLPE, halogen-free flame retardant cable, and shielding material.
• Its combination of co-rotating twin-screws and single-screws provides higher efficiency and capacity.

Customer project

Name: JY72-180 two stage extruder

Output:500-800kg per hour

Two-stage Extruder for PVC Compounding parameters

ModelTwin-screwScrew diameter (mm)L/DMain motor KWScrew rpmOutput Kg/h
Twin Screw Extruder for Biodegradable Plastic/PLA/PBAT Corn Starch Compounding
Twin Screw Extruder for Biodegradable Plastic/PLA/PBAT Corn Starch Compounding

Twin Screw Extruder for Biodegradable Plastic/PLA/PBAT Corn Starch Compounding

• The HT-75 High Torque Twin Screw Extruder with Underwater Strand Pelletizing is an ideal solution for recycling PET Bottle Flakes.
• It features a max screw RPM of 400 and an optimized screw combination, allowing for production rates up to 1000-1200kg/hour.
• A special vacuum system with three ports is equipped for pet bottle flakes moisture and venting, maximizing plasticization.
• This machine ensures maximum efficiency and energy savings.


• Established in 2004, boasting 19+ years of experience.
• Can produce up to 500 sets annually.
• Certified with CE and ISO 9001 standards.
• 100% parts are custom-made.
• Competitive prices and customer service backed by fast delivery times.
• 12 months quality guarantee provided.

Twin Screw Extruder for Biodegradable Plastic/PLA/PBAT Corn Starch Compounding parameters

ModelScrew Diameter (mm)L/DScrew RPMMain Motor KWTorque Grade T/N3Output kg/h
700kg SJ-150 Single Screw Extruder for Recycled PP Particle Extrusion
700kg SJ-150 Single Screw Extruder for Recycled PP Particle Extrusion

700kg SJ-150 Single Screw Extruder for Recycled PP Particle Extrusion

• The SJ-150 Single Screw Extruder is a 700kg polymer plasticizing extrusion granulator that can be used for various processes.
• It features a low-noise, high-precision gear box for mega bearing torque and high transmission efficiency.
• Imported temperature instrument, electric resistance heater, and ultra-quiet fan cooling provide excellent temperature control and energy efficient operation.
• The barrel and screw are made from high quality nitrided steel with nitrogen treatment abrasion for better applicability.
• This single screw extrusion pelletizing production line offers optimized configuration with wider applicability.

700kg SJ-150 Single Screw Extruder for Recycled PP Particle Extrusion parameters

ModelScrew Diameter (mm)L/DScrew RPMMain motor KWCapacity kg/h
Compounding Machine Price
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    Compounding Machine Price

Compounding machines are necessary industrial equipment used to produce a variety of plastic products.
• Prices of compounding machines vary based on capacity, efficiency, and technology; smaller models can cost around $50,000 while more advanced models range from $100,000 – $500,000.
• Other factors such as customization options, maintenance costs, warranty packages, and financing/lease agreements may impact the price and availability of these machines.
• Investing in a reliable and efficient compounding machine can lead to increased production speed and profitability for businesses within the plastics industry.
• It is essential to weigh all relevant factors before settling on a specific machine to ensure that it meets the needs of each business.

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    First-class R & D team

At Jieya, our Research and Development Department is highly responsive to market demand, placing equal emphasis on practical expertise and theoretical knowledge to achieve a harmonious equilibrium. By prioritizing the needs of our customers, we are committed to creating exceptional, solution-oriented products that provide superior quality and value. Our unwavering commitment to excellence drives ongoing improvement and innovation.

First-class R & D team

Certificates Obtained

Verified Supplier Certificate
Verified Supplier Certificate

Mega after-sales service

Experience unparalleled after-sales service from our esteemed twin screw extruder factory. Our team of experts is fully committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction throughout the entire process. Count on us for exceptional support and assistance with all your extrusion needs. Discover the difference of our top-notch service and choose us as your trusted partner.

Before sale

◆ We provide detailed product and application information to empower clients in making informed decisions and maximizing benefits.

◆ We design cost-effective and practical equipment programs tailored to meet clients’ unique needs and budgets.

◆ Our comprehensive testing services ensure product and application performance and reliability.

Mid-sales service

◆ Develop and design workshop equipment, presenting engineering specifications.

◆ Communicate project progress to customers in a timely manner.

◆ Engage in detailed discussions with customers about their technological needs, screw segment combinations, barrel permutations, and other relevant factors.

After sale service

◆ Providing installation, testing, and on-site technician training

◆ Building strong customer support systems

◆ Ensuring ample spare parts with prompt delivery

◆ Offering adjustment services for new products

◆ Implementing customer visits and timely feedback for efficient sharing of product usage information

Why Jieya's Compounding Extruder?
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    Why Jieya's Compounding Extruder?

• Jieya has been manufacturing twin and single screw extruders for over 20 years, providing expertise and experience in the industry.
• The company is dedicated to innovation and research of co-rotating twin screw compounding extruders.
• Jieya’s products are designed for a wide range of applications, including biodegradable products.
• Our two-stage compounding extruder systems offer high efficiency with low speed and low shear single screw cooling.
• We also provide custom solutions, such as specific twin screw extruders for grafting compounding.

Related Product Recommendation

Twin screw extruders and compounding machines play a critical role in compounding and extrusion, particularly in the plastic industry. They efficiently combine, shape, and process materials, ensuring consistent output quality. Discover more about these essential industrial tools in the next section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Compounding Extruder, get onboard

Q: What are the primary benefits of using a twin screw extruder for compounding?

A: Twin screw extruders offer enhanced mixing and compounding capabilities, improved processing of a wide range of materials, higher throughput, better control over processing parameters, and the ability to handle various additives and fillers.

Q: How does a twin screw extruder differ from a single screw extruder?

A: Unlike single screw extruders, twin screw extruders utilize two intermeshing screws to provide more intensive mixing and compounding, leading to improved dispersion and distribution of additives, as well as enhanced processing flexibility and efficiency.

Q: What is the role of compounding machines in the plastics industry?

A: Compounding machines, such as twin screw extruders, play a crucial role in blending, mixing, and processing raw plastic materials, additives, and fillers to create new materials with specific properties for various industrial applications.

Q: How does the design of a twin screw extruder impact compounding efficiency?

A: The design factors of a twin screw extruder, including the screw configuration, barrel sections, and mixing elements, significantly influence the compounding efficiency, dispersion of additives, plasticization, and the ability to process a diverse range of materials.

Q: What are the key features of a high-efficiency compounding extrusion line?

A: A high-efficiency compounding extrusion line integrates advanced screw designs, precise control over temperature and pressure, efficient degassing and devolatilization mechanisms, and high torque capabilities to deliver superior mixing, compounding, and material processing performance.

Q: How do the rpm and size of an extruder affect the compounding process?

A: The rpm and size of an extruder impact the residence time, shear forces, and throughput, influencing the compounding and mixing efficiency, the dispersion of additives, and the homogeneity of the processed materials.

Q: What role do compounding machines play in new material development?

A: Compounding machines, such as co-rotating twin screw extruders, facilitate the development of new materials through continuous research and development, formulation optimization, and the incorporation of additives, reinforcing agents, and fillers to tailor material properties for specific applications.

Q: How do the advancements in twin screw extruder technology contribute to the plastics industry?

A: Advancements in twin screw extruder technology, including innovations by industry leaders like Coperion and Leistritz, have led to more excellent processing capabilities, improved energy efficiency, expanded material processing possibilities, and enhanced production of high-quality compounds and materials.

Q: What are the primary applications of twin-screw compounding extruders?

A: Twin-screw compounding extruders are widely used in industries such as polymer compounding, masterbatch production, recycling, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and the production of compounds involving additives, colorants, and special fillers.

Q: How do twin screw extruders facilitate research and development in the plastics industry?

A: Twin screw extruders allow for continuous research and development by providing precise control over processing parameters, the ability to test new formulations, and the incorporation of innovative technologies, contributing to the advancement of plastics technology and material science.

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