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Underwater Pelletizer

Get the Best Underwater Pelletizer Supplier from China!

Jieya is your trusted partner for top-quality underwater pelletizers. With years of experience and expertise, we deliver outstanding performance and precision. Trust us for reliable and efficient solutions. Contact us today for a quote!

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    Introducing Underwater Pelletizer from Jieya

• Jieya has released the Underwater Pelletizer, which is ideal for TPU and TPV elastomers.
• This system can be used to process a wide variety of polymers, including elastomer plastics, modified plastics, hot melt adhesives, microplastics, biobased plastics, medical plastics, and recycled plastics.
• The full range of pelletizers from Jieya includes underwater pelletizing systems, lines, extruders, and granules.
• Enjoy effortless efficiency with precise results every time using the Underwater Pelletizer.

Underwater Pelletizer
Underwater Pelletizer

Underwater Pelletizer Produced by Jieya

The underwater pelletizing system is highly beneficial for various polymers, particularly TPU, TPV, and similar elastomers. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including elastomer plastics, modified plastics, hot melt adhesive, micro plastics, biobased plastics, medical plastics, and recycled plastics. Jieya offers a comprehensive selection of underwater pelletizers, including extruder underwater pelletizers, hot melt underwater pelletizing lines, and automatic underwater pelletizers.

2000KG/H Underwater Pelletizing System
2000KG/H Underwater Pelletizing System

2000KG/H Underwater Pelletizing System

• Underwater Pelletizing Systems are a perfect alternative solution for outputs higher than 1000kg/h or processing soft materials with high viscosity, such as TPR/TPE/TPV/EVA.
• These systems comprise various components, including a drive valve, die head, pelletizing unit, bypass line, water recycling unit, and centrifugal dehydrator.
• The initial investment may be higher compared to other pelletizing methods but the quality of product output and productivity will generally outweigh this cost.
• Applications include thermoplastic elastomers (e.g. EVA and TPE), biodegradable environmental protection materials (e.g. PBS and PLA) as well as thermoplastics (e.g. PE and PP). Hot melt adhesives like EVA based also work with this system.

Underwater Pelletizing System Video

2000KG/H Underwater Pelletizing System parameters

odelDiverter Hole No.Knife No.Knife Movingwater systemOutput
UPD250D70200-280HydraulicPCW2504-10 ton/h
UPD300D120400-500HydraulicPCW30010-15 ton/h


• Enhanced Pellet Quality: Underwater pelletizing produces uniformly shaped and sized pellets with a high degree of consistency and minimal surface imperfections.
• Reduced Heat Exposure: Plastic strands are rapidly cooled in a water bath, reducing exposure to heat compared to other methods.
• Minimal Dust & Fumes: Virtually eliminates dust and fumes associated with the cutting process.
• Higher Throughput: Cooling effect of the water bath allows for faster production rates.
• Reduced Energy Consumption: Typically requires less energy than other methods, resulting in energy savings.
• Precise Control: Offers precise control over pellet size, shape, and consistency.
• Low Maintenance: Known for reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Underwater Pelletizing for Hot Melt Adhesive with HT-95 Twin Screw Extruder
Underwater Pelletizing for Hot Melt Adhesive with HT-95 Twin Screw Extruder

Underwater Pelletizing for Hot Melt Adhesive with HT-95 Twin Screw Extruder

• Our HT-95 Twin Screw Extruder provides a new and efficient way to turn hot melt adhesives into pellets.
• This system includes a start-up valve, die, cutting head and a pelletizer for superior results.
• A water treatment system with a centrifugal dryer is included for optimal performance.
• Underwater pelletizing technology enables the production of high-quality pellets using any hot melt adhesive formulation for bonding requirements.

Underwater Pelletizing System Video

Underwater Pelletizing for Hot Melt Adhesive with HT-95 Twin Screw Extruder parameters

ModelPelletizer powerCentrifugal dewatering KWOutput kg/h
ModelScrew Diameter (mm)L/DScrew RPMMain Motor KWTorque Grade T/N3Output kg/h


• Pelletizing leads to uniform product quality and improved handling through its consistent size and shape.
• Increased density makes the material more space-efficient for storage and transportation.
• Pellets generate less dust and make it easier to mix with other materials, additives, or binders.
• Customization of pellet size, shape, and composition allows for flexibility in product development.
• Ease of storage makes them easier to retrieve and use as needed.

SHJ-72 Twin Screw Extruder with Underwater Pelletizing
SHJ-72 Twin Screw Extruder with Underwater Pelletizing

SHJ-72 Twin Screw Extruder with Underwater Pelletizing

• SHJ-72 Twin Screw Extruder with Underwater Pelletizing offers excellent pellet quality and consistent material properties, ideal for heat-sensitive thermoplastics or materials that degrade at high temperatures.
• The water bath rapidly cools the pellets, helping to maintain product integrity.
• The dust and fume-free operation creates a safe and clean environment even when working with hazardous or sensitive materials.
• Achieve higher throughput while maintaining pellet quality with this production system.

SHJ-72 Twin Screw Extruder with Underwater Pelletizing Line for Thermoplastic Elastomer

SHJ-72 Twin Screw Extruder with Underwater Pelletizing parameters

ModelPelletizer powerCentrifugal dewatering KWOutput kg/h
ModelScrew Diameter (mm)L/DScrew RPMMain motor KWTorque Grade T/N3Capacity kg/h
Underwater Pelletizer Price
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    Underwater Pelletizer Price

• An underwater pelletizer is a specialized equipment used for efficiently-sized thermoplastic resin pellets production.
• Prices for these machines typically range from $50,000 to $250,000 and many factors, such as efficiency, capacity, size and additional components influence the price.
• Market demand, production volume and location of the manufacturer also impact the cost.
• Price estimation may not reflect the final price as they can be negotiated between buyer and seller.
• Additional costs such as installation, training, maintenance, and repair need to be taken into consideration.

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    First-class R & D team

At Jieya, our Research and Development Department is highly attuned to market demand, placing equal importance on practical expertise and theoretical knowledge to achieve the perfect balance. By prioritizing the needs of our customers, we are committed to creating exceptional, solution-oriented products that offer both quality and value. Our unwavering pursuit of excellence drives continuous enhancement and innovation.

First-class R & D team

Certificates Obtained

Verified Supplier Certificate
Verified Supplier Certificate

Mega after-sales service

Experience unparalleled after-sales service from our esteemed twin screw extruder factory. Our dedicated team ensures your utmost satisfaction throughout the process. Rely on us for exceptional support and assistance with all your extrusion needs. Choose us as your trusted partner and experience the difference of our top-notch service.

Before sale

◆ We provide detailed product info to empower clients and maximize benefits.

◆ We design cost-effective equipment programs, tailored to client needs and budgets.

◆ Our testing services ensure product performance and reliability.

Mid-sales service

◆ Develop and design workshop equipment, presenting engineering specifications.

◆ Provide timely customer updates on project progress through effective communication.

◆ Engage in thorough discussions with customers about technological needs, screw segment combinations, barrel permutations, and other relevant factors.

After sale service

◆ Providing installation, testing, and on-site technician training

◆ Building strong customer support systems

◆ Ensuring ample spare parts with prompt delivery

◆ Offering adjustment services for newly launched products

◆ Implementing customer visits and timely feedback for efficient product usage sharing

Why Jieya's Underwater Pelletizer
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    Why Jieya's Underwater Pelletizer

• Jieya’s Underwater Pelletizer system is an innovative design, including a melt pump, drive valve, die head, pelletizer, bypass line, water recycling unit and centrifugal dehydrator.
• Its underwater pelletizing process eliminates dust and fumes during the cutting process for a safe and clean working environment.
• The system is suitable for most polymers and offers high output and long service life.
• Fully automatic continuous production enhances speed and convenience of pelletizing for increased productivity.

Related Product Recommendation

Underwater pelletizing systems are a top choice for plastic pellet production. They cut molten plastic into small pellets, which are then cooled, dried, and packaged. With higher capacity and improved efficiency, they are preferred by many plastic manufacturers. Suitable for materials with high melting points and elasticity, underwater pelletizers offer long-term cost benefits and production efficiencies that outweigh the initial investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Underwater Pelletizer, get onboard

Q: What is the role of underwater pelletizers in the plastics industry?

A: Underwater pelletizers are revolutionizing the plastics industry by efficiently converting molten polymer into uniform pellets through a water-filled process, resulting in enhanced quality and productivity.

Q: How do underwater pelletizers work?

A: Underwater pelletizers use a die head to extrude the molten polymer into a water-filled chamber, where the strands are cut into pellets by rotating blades against the die plate. The pellets are then cooled and conveyed for further processing.

Q: What types of materials can be processed by underwater pelletizers?

A: Underwater pelletizers can process a wide range of materials, including thermoplastics, engineering plastics, recyclable materials, and masterbatches.

Q: What are the advantages of using underwater pelletizing equipment?

A: Using underwater pelletizing equipment enhances product quality, increases productivity, reduces operational costs, and offers flexibility in processing a variety of materials, making it a preferred choice in the plastics industry.

Q: How does the cooling process in underwater pelletizers contribute to the quality of the pellets?

A: The pellets produced in underwater pelletizers are rapidly cooled in the water, ensuring uniform shape and size, which contributes to the high-quality characteristics essential for various applications.

Q: What are the main components of an underwater pelletizing system?

A: The main components of an underwater pelletizing system include a die head, hydraulic station, cutting system, process water system, and a control unit to ensure efficient pellet production.

Q: How can I get in touch with a supplier of underwater pelletizing systems?

A: You can contact us for more information and to find a reliable supplier of underwater pelletizing systems catering to your specific requirements and industry needs.

Q: What are the key factors to consider when choosing an underwater pelletizing system for my production line?

A: When selecting an underwater pelletizing system, considerations such as production capacity, type of materials, level of performance, and ease of maintenance should be evaluated to ensure optimal system integration and performance.

Q: Are there any industry publications or newsletters available for staying updated on underwater pelletizing technologies?

A: Yes, you can subscribe to industry publications or newsletters to stay informed about the latest trends, innovations, and developments in underwater pelletizing technologies and applications.

Q: Would you like to learn more about the benefits of underwater pelletizers for your specific manufacturing processes?

A: Would you like to learn more about the benefits of underwater pelletizers for your specific manufacturing processes? Our expertise and know-how can provide insights into how underwater pelletizing systems can enhance your production efficiency and overall product quality.

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