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Plastic Compounding Machine

Discover the Leading Plastic Compounding Machine Supplier from China

Jieya is the leading supplier of top-quality plastic compounding machines in China. With industry-leading technology and expertise, we offer reliable and efficient solutions for compounding, blending, and recycling. Trust us for superior performance and exceptional value. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Introducing Plastic Compounding Machine from Jieya

• The Plastic Compounding Machine from Jieya offers optimal productivity and high performance.
• It is crafted with quality materials for robustness and superior durability.
• Advanced features enable compounding plastic materials quickly and accurately.
• All parts are optimized for efficient operation and easy maintenance.
• Revolutionize workflow with this advanced machine!

Plastic Compounding Machine
Plastic Compounding Machine

Plastic Compounding Machine Produced by Jieya

Discover the high-quality Parallel Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruder produced by Jieya. Enhance your manufacturing process with this advanced technology.

SHJ series standard twin screw extruder

• The SHJ series of twin-screw extruders offers exceptional performance and reliability.

• It meets the highest domestic standards with a torque rating grade of T/A³≤7.

• Its components are designed for demanding applications, ensuring long-lasting durability.

• This extruder delivers consistent and efficient results, making it a popular choice for industrial processes.

SHJ-series technical parameters


HT Series Twin Screw Extruders

• Jieya’s HT Series are high torque, twin screw compounding extruders with a torque rating grade of 9≤T/A3≤13.5.

• These extruders have high capacity and performance, and an optional imported gear box and safety clutch further enhance their performance.

• Jieya offers a comprehensive range of plastic extrusion products, including screw plastic extruders, twin screw extruders, reciprocating screw extruders, twin screw extruder elements, and co-rotating twin screw extruders.

HT- series technical parameters

ModelScrew Diameter (mm)L/DScrew RPMMain Motor KWTorque Grade T/N3Output kg/h

SHJ-xxEC high effciency twin screw extruder

• SHJ-xxEC twin screw extruder provides high efficiency with torque carrying grade T/A³≤16 and renowned M/E high torque gear box.

• The extruder’s main components are of high-grade quality, locally crafted with some imported parts.

• This combination ensures superior performance and reliability for various industrial applications.

SHJ-EC series technical parameters


The table consists of rows, each representing a model, and provides detailed information about their specific characteristics. These characteristics include diameter (D), length-to-diameter ratio (L/D), main motor power (kW), screw speed (RPM), torque level (T/A3), and reference output (kg/hr). This vital data enables a comprehensive understanding of the performance and applicability of each model in various industrial contexts.

Plastic Compounding Machine Price
  • Plastic Compounding Machine Price

Plastic compounding machines are essential equipment in the plastics industry, typically ranging from USD 10,000 to USD 250,000.
• Laboratory-grade machines may cost from USD 15,000 to USD 30,000, while large-capacity industrial-scale machines can exceed USD 200,000.
• Price difference is due to the unique features of high-capacity compounding machines like higher screw speeds, automated feeding, and advanced filtration options.
• Potential buyers should consult with industry experts before purchasing cost and features vary greatly depending on manufacturer and brand.

  • First-class R & D team

Jieya’s Research and Development Department is devoted to closely aligning with market demand. We place significant emphasis on accumulating practical experience and theoretical knowledge to strike the perfect balance. By prioritizing the needs of our end customers, we are committed to creating high-quality, innovative, and solution-oriented products. Our continuous efforts aim to enhance their value and deliver exceptional results.

Certificates Obtained

Verified Supplier Certificate
Verified Supplier Certificate

Mega after-sales service

Experience exceptional after-sales service from our renowned twin screw extruder factory. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your utmost satisfaction throughout the entire process. Rely on us for unparalleled support and assistance with all your extrusion needs. Choose us and discover the difference of unmatched service quality.

Before sale

◆ Providing product and application info for informed decisions and maximizing benefits.

◆ Creating cost-effective equipment programs tailored to clients’ needs and budgets.

◆ Conducting thorough testing for product and application performance and reliability.

Mid-sales service

◆ Plan and design workshop equipment, proposing engineering specs.

◆ Keep customers updated on project progress through effective communication.

◆ Engage in detailed discussions with customers on technological requirements, screw segments, barrel permutations, and more.

After sale service

◆ Installation, testing, and on-site technician training

◆ Strong customer support

◆ Ample spare parts with prompt delivery

◆ Adjustment services for new products

◆ Structured customer visits and timely feedback for efficient usage sharing

Why Jieya's Plastic Compounding Machine
  • Why Jieya's Plastic Compounding Machine

• Nanjing Jieya Extrusion Equipment Co., Ltd. has over 20 years of experience and a solid reputation for high-quality products at favorable prices.
• Our PP/PE+80% Caco3 High Filler Twin Screw Compounding Extruder features an innovative structure design to offer unique benefits.
• The company’s Twin Screw Compounding System boasts a modular design with segmented screw elements and barrels designed for different tasks enhancing efficiency and flexibility.
• Jieya provides high-quality, consistent plastic compounding extruder pelletizing machines year-round ensuring businesses can rely on them for production needs.
• The company focuses on R&D of co-rotating twin screw extruders and high-efficiency single screw extruders, helping them stay ahead of industry trends and meet the evolving needs of customers.

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We are a leading supplier in the plastic industry, specializing in advanced compounding machines and extruders. Our technology solutions enhance efficiency, reliability, and quality while minimizing waste for sustainable practices. With industry-leading technology and continuous R&D efforts, we remain at the forefront of innovation in plastic compounding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about Plastic Compounding Machine, get onboard

Q: What are the benefits of using advanced plastic compounding machines and extruders?

A: Advanced plastic compounding machines and extruders offer significantly improved production efficiency and product quality, allowing for precise control over the compounding and extrusion process. They can handle a wide range of materials such as PP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, and various masterbatch and filler materials.

Q: How does a masterbatch extruder work?

A: A masterbatch extruder works by precisely mixing pigments or additives with a carrier resin to create a homogeneous mixture. This mixture is then pelletized to form uniform and consistent pellets for use in various plastic manufacturing processes.

Q: What materials can be processed by advanced plastic compounding machines and extruders?

A: Advanced plastic compounding machines and extruders are capable of processing a wide range of materials including PP, PVC, HDPE, LDPE, resin, granules, pellets, and various filler masterbatch materials.

Q: What is the difference between a two stage and a parallel twin screw extruder?

A: A two stage extruder comprises two separate extruder units for compounding and extrusion, offering greater flexibility in processing various materials. On the other hand, a parallel twin screw extruder features two screws running side by side within a single barrel, offering high torque and excellent mixing capabilities.

Q: How do high filler masterbatch extruders improve production efficiency?

A: High filler masterbatch extruders can improve production efficiency by allowing for the uniform dispersion of high levels of filler materials within the polymer matrix, leading to cost savings and enhanced material performance.

Q: What is the role of vent ports in plastic compounding machines and extruders?

A: Vent ports are designed to release trapped air and volatiles from the melt during the compounding and extrusion process, ensuring the production of high-quality, void-free materials.

Q: How can I improve the performance of my plastic compounding and extrusion equipment?

A: To improve the performance of your plastic compounding and extrusion equipment, it is important to optimize processing parameters, maintain regular maintenance schedules, and invest in high-quality screw elements and wear-resistant components. Additionally, staying abreast of the latest technological developments can also help enhance equipment performance.

Q: What are the typical applications of filler masterbatch extruders?

A: Filler masterbatch extruders are commonly used in applications such as plastic recycling, sheet extrusion, and pelletizing lines, where the uniform dispersion of fillers within the polymer matrix is critical for the desired material properties and performance.

Q: How can I request more information about advanced plastic compounding machines and extruders?

A: If you require more information about advanced plastic compounding machines and extruders, please feel free to contact us via the provided contact details. Our team will be happy to assist you with any inquiries or specific requirements you may have.

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